Last Time I...

Lets your memory focus on more important things!

Last Time I...'s main goal is to give your memory a break. It stores the last time you've completed some of life's most trivial but yet extremely important tasks, while also providing you a date and reminder of when you should do them again.

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Key Features

The Basics
  • Simple and Intuitive, learn it in seconds
  • Categories to help sort your tasks
  • Area for notes/details about each task
  • Automated and Self-Calculating dates/times
  • Reminders with configurable alarm for each task
Task Quick-Complete
Quickly mark a Task as done while having your "Last Time" and "Next Time" dates automatically updated. A detailed history entry is also created automatically.
Task Sorting
Sort your Tasks using any one of a variety of different options.
Instantly find a Task by simply typing any combination of letters that appear in the Task's title.
Task Completion History
This one should be pretty self-explanatory.